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CBMM Engineering Corps Teams

Team Neural-Nets

We research, develop and maintain Deep Learning algorithms. Our goal is to make a bridge between research ideas and dependable software libraries hosted on multiple neural net frameworks.

Team Psychophysics

We focus on implementing the human tests that go into brain-inspired learning algorithms. This includes experimental designs based on in-lab platform like PsychToolbox, and increasingly on web-base platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk. Much of our research involves social intelligence and we therefor develop small multi-player games where remote subjects can interact with one another.

Team Web Development

We develop web applications supporting the collection of data, running of research algorithms, and demonstration of new research ideas. With a focus on reproducible research we use the web to disseminate research ideas and make research results more compositional.

Team Biophysics

We want to know which mechanisms the human brain uses to understand the world. We build biophysical models that can predict neuroimaging data and can describe the structure and function of brain areas in the visual hierarchy. By understanding the mechanisms in healthy people we also hope to understand what goes wrong in patients.