CBMM @ GitHub

The CBMM Engineering of Intelligence teams. In recent years companies such as Facebook and Deep Mind have developed a research model in artificial intelligence based on large engineering teams supporting the research scientists (with 1 engineer per 2 researchers). For academia is practically impossible to imitate this model of research. We are therefore developing a competing model adapted to the environment of our academic institutions, leveraging the enthusiasm and expertise of Masters students and undergraduate students participating in the UROP program at MIT (and similar ones in other Institutions) and creating teams to support aspects of our research. At the same time the program aims to offer an exciting educational experience to young students who are passionate about engineering. We are starting with three teams on Web Interfaces, Deep Learning and Psychophysics.

If you like these ideas, watch this space! Check out our People page, and consider joining in on the work, at https://github.com/cbmm.